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6 Insane Realities Of Life As A Professional Hand Model

It's not unheard of for a parts model to make at least $75 grand a year because there are some big budgets behind those perfume ads you flip past when you're perusing a 5 year old magazine in a waiting room. But, before you give your boss the carefully manicured finger and quit your day job, you should know that there are reasons it's a small industry. Each hand model can handle a lot of work, and advertisers are picky about the hands they use. Susan explained what makes a hand attractive, so give yours a look and adjust your self esteem accordingly.

"Typically for commercials, you want a hand that isn't distracting. Nothing that would make it more notable than the product. They have a term called 'Mommy hands,' where it just looks like the classic mother doing dishes. But then [for high end products], it's usually more about looking glamorous. They want a longer nail and fancier poses. In general, you need to have long, straight fingers. Small knuckles. Healthy nail beds, healthy nails. Usually, we have pretty long nail beds as well. Long fingernails in general."

Adele only became a parts model because, at 5 feet 7 inches, she was considered too short to be a regular model and really, what's the point of being a model unless you can dunk on the photographer? Though her decision was arguably more lucrative hand models have much longer careers the early audition process was weird. "I went to a casting Cheap NBA Jerseys for [a nail polish ad]. I sensed a different reaction than what I would usually get at casting . people were called from cubicles, and, suddenly, the whole board room was staring at my hands and passing me around."

Actually learning how to use the nail polish came later.

A typical hand audition involves lots of pictures and pretending to, say, spoon yogurt without suddenly overthinking every aspect of that process. Doreen, meanwhile, had to beat out actual kids so she could get a job pretending to be a kid, because actual kids usually don't have the patience to do long shoots or have the bills to stay motivated:

"They had a little desk. There was a doll and this little toy dog. The director wasn't in the room, so I just hear this voice floating over Skype saying, 'OK, Doreen, I want you to grab the dog and have it walk over to the doll and jump on her shoulder.' So, I do that, and he says, 'Great! Now, I want it cuter!' So, you bounce it a little more on the table. You're making it bounce back and forth so it looks like it's walking all cute."

Spin Master

Only those Wholesale Jerseys CBS Supply with seniority learn how to make them look like they're pooping. Fox has brachydactyly type D, which is the fancy authentic prescott jersey way of saying that her thumbs are stubby. But, as Doreen explains, you never see them:

"Even for movies, hand models will do the close up shots where someone's pressing a button or whatever. Megan Fox has weird looking thumbs, so they hired a hand model for the scenes where she's opening doors.""What audience could dare to love her!?"

That's true of pretty much every actor and actress, stubby thumbs or not. Stars being paid millions of dollars can have their time used more effectively elsewhere, so lots of shots that only feature a limb are done by a stand in. The same is also true for commercial shoots, where Adele has doubled for lots of celebrities.

"Penelope Cruz, Courtney Cox, Katy Perry, Heidi Klum, Eva Mendes, and a lot more. Sometimes I can't divulge on certain campaigns. They don't want me saying, 'Hey, that's my hand!' It's not that my hands are better than a celebrity's; it's that Penelope has better things to do than hang out for a shot."The less time you spend touching your own face, the more time you have to film G Force.

So, if you start to look more closely, you'll realize that a bunch of celebrities all have the same hand like they're being issued a special model who the rest of us don't have access to. No one's going to recognize a hand, so models can be everyone and do everything. In fact, you've probably seen the same dozen hands in countless commercials and never realized. But, it can get much weirder, as demonstrated by the photos Adele took for an article about foods that supposedly increase the libido:When food goes bad really, really, bad.

Take a gander at those food genitals. Really let the fact that somebody had to carefully sculpt a vagina out of salmon sink in, and then consider being asked to finger that fish cooch on camera without batting an eye. Now, let Susan explain that it can get even inexplicably stranger .

"One time, I had to pretend to chop up a real human placenta. So, that was a thing. I was just supposed to be happily chopping. It's a lot of weird, false actions. You're faking movements."

And because of the angles involved, nothing is ever natural. "A lot of times when you're posing your hands, the most flattering angle isn't what you would do in real life. If you're trying to pose a fancy bag, and it's heavy, and your body needs to be hidden from the shot, it can be awkward. You have to contort yourself to get out of the frame."

Doreen has ran into the same problem. People assume it's her job to stand around and hold stuff all day, but, sometimes, you really have to contort yourself to get into position. "Usually, I'm just sitting under a table with my hand up in the air holding a toy, and sometimes that takes like 45 minutes of me sitting and holding one hand up in the air. It can be a bit of a workout, actually. I've left sets with my arms and fingers hurting."

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